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Get dedicated Account Manager for your Practice

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Whether its diagnosis coding, procedural coding or E&M coding, we have the best team.

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Whether you currently employ a medical billing company or are considering doing so, E2E Medical Billing Services must be considered. Our medical billing services include entering claims, applying payer edits, monitoring for compliance, submitting claims to all payers, posting payments and denials, submitting secondary claims, resolving denials and under-payments, and managing A/R functions.

E2E Medical Billing Services is an outsourced medical billing company that provides end to end medical billing services. Outsourcing medical billing services can reduce practices’ overhead costs, increase in reimbursements, decrease in claim denials, and rejections. This can enable practices to focus more on their patients rather than spending hours on constructing and interpreting the billing reports.

Our staff is highly trained, certified, and ready to meet your specific needs. We strive every day to be an effective business partner. This means regular communications, listening and responding to your questions and concerns, and putting your priorities first. Use our HIPAA compliant outsourced medical billing services to make your task less resource consuming.

Reduce Billing errors. Increase Revenue. Ensure Billing Compliance

Affordable, precise and quality medical coding services to all healthcare providers

Our AR solutions increases collection, reduces rework and streamlines cash flow

Team of subject matter experts addresses denied claims on priority basis that brings quicker payments

Get most accurate HCC reports with as low as $5 per chart costing

Most economical and accurate medical transcription services to providers, hospitals, multi-specialty clinics

Why outsource medical billing services?

  • An affordable and convenient option for practices in remote areas and small practices with limited resources
  • Savings of thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits; office supplies and furniture; and purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining billing software and computer equipment
  • Eliminates loss of time and costly expenses related to recruiting, hiring and training in-house medical office billing staff
  • Provides a team of experienced, professional medical biller who ensures timely submission of medical claims
  • Completely integrated electronic billing system which improves cash flow by speeding up claims submission process

Why choose E2E Medical Billing Serivces?

  • Expertise over more than 35 medical specialties
  • Familiar with medical billing software such as Office Ally, Kareo, Brightree, Lytec, Medic, Misys, Medisoft, NextGen, and many more
  • Being able to apply standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes, and ICD-CM diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines
  • Successful track-record of processing medical bills with leading commercial carriers such as United health, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana, HCSC, Blue Cross Group, etc.
  • Ability to negotiate successfully with Medicare and state-specific Medicaid policies
  • Reduction in account receivables to negligible percentage; completion of claim cycle within a week

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