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Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receviables Management
  • Accounts receivable or AR is a term used to denote money owed to your practice for services you have rendered and billed. Any payments due from patients, payers, or other guarantors are considered AR. A goal of every practice is to manage its AR to ensure that it gets paid correctly in a timely manner.
  • Many a time, practices and facilities have accumulated unresolved accounts receivables due to lack of proper AR follow-up; lack of skilled staff; or due to poor AR management done by another medical billing company. Having a skilled AR team will help you in recovering overdue payments, minimize the time for those outstanding accounts which ultimately leads to the financial stability of your practice.
  • We analyze the various accounts receivable reports provided by the client and determine the strategy to collect maximum unpaid claim amount. Once the claims are submitted to the payer for processing, our expert AR team resolutely pursues all unpaid insurance claims that have crossed the 30 days bucket. Sometimes, the claims are underpaid by the insurance payer, and in this case, we ensure that the underpaid claims are processed and paid correctly. The denied claims are appealed by our AR team.

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