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Our Medical Billing Specialities

We have got ample of experience in allergy and immunology billing services which will surely raise your revenue.The treatment for each allergy entirely differs and there have to be perfect coding for curing these allergy cases.

When ambulance billing services are properly mentioned in claims, there are 100% chances for getting reimbursed without any denials. But most of the billing services don’t see to the benefit of medical industry. Our ambulance billing service is a separate branch which keenly focuses on getting right reimbursements on time.

Even the amount of anesthesia given to the patient must be noted in claim to stay away from denials. Proper usage of modifier also plays an important role. To get right imbursement without any errors, it is necessary to have perfect billing services for anesthesia.

The whole process of  cardio diagnosis and treatment procedures are highly complex and are considered to be the most difficult billing process comparing to the reimbursement being dispensed for the service provided.Cardiology billing is an arena where one has to be an expert with both the billing services and the practice. It could make or break a practitioner’s backbone.

As a chiropractic billing company we increase reimbursements and reduce operational costs. We will reduce your pending Account Receivables and increase your profit. Our coders and billers follow the right process for making the billing stress free.

Our team of experts contains certified coders and  dermatology billers following standard procedure and suggesting right codes , for the betterment and progress in the business. We help you overcome all sorts of difficulties regarding billing. We treat and respect our clients. We have solutions to all your billing problems. Have faith and partner with us for getting hiked in revenue.

Modifiers like RR, NU and UE are designed to make the billing more easy and flexible. Rather than this the ICD-10 codes which we use are best in the industry and even for right and left side we have clear cut codings to get reimbursements without any errors.

Our experience in this field helped our clients in sorting out the different codes for each sickness. For instance stomach is a single organ, but it can get multiple diseases like ulcer, stomach irritation, and stomach cancer. The ICD-10 has got special codings for each of these issues. So billing will not become a bigger burden for you.

We have got ample of knowledge in providing family practice billing services without making any errors. Connect with us to classify your family medical care bills in proper way. With right choice of ICD-10 codes there are less chances for making any errors.

In general surgery there may be different types and terms. When the modifiers are misused, the billing can become tedious process. But we use perfect modifiers and enhanced coding for billing process.

When there is no perfect billing system for hospital, then mistakes like this takes place. The patient x will get the billing of patient y without checking. If the employee has not verified the bill properly then a black mark may appear to concerned medical industry. Or making errors like length of stay or room issues.Our billing services takes care of such errors, because we have qualified software and perfect employees who take care of such things in better way.

Leave your mental health billing stress to us because we have great exposure in this field. With quality experience and resources we can make your billing simple as an apple pie without any hassles.Just handle the medical billing services to us and start a stress free career because your bills are handled by experts who have great amount of experience in this field. 

We have special experts for dealing with Neurology billing services. There are separate coders, Accountants, AR follow ups and team members working with innovative and unique ideas which will make your medical care industry gloom within few months.

OB and GYN involves lots of billing process. The physicians cannot handle both treating the patients and taking care of bills.The services which we offer are more effective and will surely help in improving efficiency and will save you from many of the rejections.

The work pressure which oncology department has got is far of stress loading works to do. To help oncology department there are affordable billing services which are available around the clock to provide proper technical support without any issues.

A patient goes for medical checkup and all the details are entered in the reimbursement by online mode and when there are some wrong codings in online claims. Insurance providers simply reject those claims without any explanation. The chances for mistakes in Optometry are wrong codings and no codings for certain sickness. But our services have implemented ICD-10 codes which has got all brand new ideas for making the billing so simple and easy.

We help medical industry people to carry out each and every billing regarding to bones in a flawless manner. When a single code goes wrong then the whole billing has got the chances to get on wrong path. To make sure the billing is not travelling in wrong path we have got better ICD-10 coding.

Lots of confusions happen when it comes to otolaryngology billings because it deals with different parts of the human head and it is really hard to figure out the codings for each and every puny segment in nose and ears. There are so many minute parts on within the ENT segment and they have got some special codings from our services.

We have new set of codes from CPT codes 64400- 64530 which will claim reimbursement for any kind of pain management services. The codes are given for nerve pains in each patient. The level of pain is measured by the term of Unit OF Service (UOS) and the reimbursements are based on the severity of pain. Our Pain management billing services which gives right bills without any mistakes or denials.

Just handle the medical billing services to us and start a stress free career because your bills are handled by experts who have experience in the field for more than 12 years. Don’t forget you are getting right amounts of quality for the money you are paying to our billing services. The ICD-10 coding which we are using is based on two medicare parts of pathology which is A and B. Our coders have clearly developed the right product for making the billing stress free.

We have better coding services which will surely enhance the bills of your pharmacy section without any issues.Usually the bills will be mixed up between kinds of patients or money will be calculated extra. The staffs who are working in bill counter no need to worry about any mistakes anymore because our billing team has got top levels of skills which will create better bills without any errors.

The coding which we are using right now is based on ICD-10 codes and our updated codes help pediatric billing services to get settled without any claims. These are some of the best codings we are using.Our clients are satisfied with these codes because they are more reliable and they don’t lead to any of the denials.

It is considered that more than 25% of the outpatients who are getting treated for this physical therapy are getting proper reimbursements. When it comes to outpatients, hospitals can earn income when some of the specific codes are used. Our billing service use right codes which will help medical industry to earn money.

Plastic surgery may differ from one another and it is little hard to enter right terms for accurate bills. But the billing becomes easy when you are getting connected with our services. We offer best services for easy billing and we assure to provide right terms for claiming reimbursements.

You may be stressed out because of slow payments and delayed queues. Get our billing services and make your billing stress free. We have implemented the best ICD coding and other new of the advancing technologies to make the bill statements process in extra speed. Patients need not wait for long time in the queue.

Choosing us as your billing partner can really help to increase your revenue as well as help physicians to connect and spend more time their patients which will be so useful for diagnosing. Join hands with us for perfectly balancing medical billing of your medical care industry.

In psychiatric billing process, importance should be given to coding because the codes are important regarding the disease, diagnosis and treatment. The medical billing service will process the claims from the insurance using the codes filled in the medical claim form. The practice of the Doctor will be affected if codes are filled in the claim form are wrong. The importance of correct coding is related with the proper settlements for the treatment.

E2E medical billing services use innovative solutions for medical billing and coding. They always do research and analysis to provide best solutions so that there won’t be any fall shorts in the results. Innovative solutions are used in all the areas of claiming process so that the Doctor gets exact settlement without any issues.

Radiation Oncology deals with lots of modern equipments and other instruments, it becomes hard for hospital staff to handle it. With our experienced staffs and services we can handle it efficiently without any hurdles. We have good staff to work on various parts of the billing. We provide best coding software which is no match for other billing services.

Each patient will have variations of radiation. For instance, if chemotherapy has to be given then some fixed of radiation must be provided as per the depth of disease. All these come under documentation when sufficient documentation is performed then there are no chances of getting denials or rejections. Radiology billing services which we provide will automatically improve your revenue in few months. We offer better services at less cost than any billing services. We are always ready to help you in needed time without any rejections.

Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment, and diagnosis of aching in the joints and the tissues connected to the joints. The aching in the joints will be chronic and it will happen frequently.  Our billing and coding services offers proper uses ICD codes for the disease and the treatment given to the patient.

Really in many rural hospitals, head nurses take care of the patients and give them proper medicines to take care and even save many lives of the patient. Such nurses should get right billing for their quality service. There are two parts in SNF and they are Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Both of these vary from each other and our billing services cover both the parts without any flaws. We have created a unique bench mark in the field of SNF billing services to provide crystal clear services.

People who have difficulty in sleeping get proper treatment from physicians. Physicians need to concentrate more in such kinds of people to treat them better. Then why your medical industry must give extra burdens by making them to calculate the bills of their patients? Just give us a chance to do the billing services and see the magic of improving your revenue in very short days.

The main focus of our services is based on increasing your revenues within short span.. We ensure quality service and help your practice to get a step ahead. We even give free analysis of your bills and provide reports about your standards which will help you for improving your practice performance. We don’t compromise on our quality and that’s why we provide better services.

While you are billing for Teleradiology, special attention should be given on age, laterality and episodes of care.Teleradiology billing services which we provide will automatically improve your revenue in few months. We offer better services at less cost than any billing services. We are always ready to help you in needed time without any rejections.

We ensure any time help and support in both technical and non-technical aspects. Never get worried about late time submissions and such any issues when you are with us. We make sure that every claim is occurring properly and we check with complete data security and all our records are backed up in on-line for better access.

We have got ample of experience with good and trained staffs for taking care of wound care billing. Your clients are our clients and we see no differences in serving for their good sake. Sometimes mistakes happening for outpatients in wound care billing can lead your practice to lose lot of money. To avoid that and make your concern receive more income, choose our reliable services

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